5 K-Pop Idol Ex few that are underneath the Same Agency

KMazing – as an idol in Southern Korea Entertainment is certainly not a simple thing. Every time, these idols are confronted with tasks into the activity globe being therefore thick which makes them just get several hours of rest a day. The private lifetime of idols can be frequently ridicule and more often than not got attention that is much especially for relationship. Therefore busy with work, it’s not uncommon of these idols to fall in love finally with other idols who will be under agency. Can you dudes need the evidence? Have a look at these five (ex) couples!

Kai & Krystal

March 2016, KPop enthusiasts, specially EXO and f (x) fans, were struck by the love news between Kai and Krystal which was released by Dispatch. During those times, Dispatch circulated a quantity of photos showing Kai and Krystal being caught on a night out together. It didn’t take very long, SM Entertainment instantly confirmed the reality associated with the news. Regrettably, the few have been both 94-liners had been verified to own breakup in might 2017. Kai then confirmed to possess experienced a brand new relationship with BlackPink Jennie.

Jinwoon & Yeeun

JYP Entertainment even offers one few in the list, Jinwoon from 2AM and Yeeun from Wonder Girls. The rumors for the news that is dating in September 2016, and were immediately verified by their particular agencies. Both of them claimed to https://hookupdate.net/established-men-review/ have been dating for three years since Jinwoon was still in JYP at that time Jinwoon and Yeeun were on different agencies because Jinwoon had moved to Mystic Entertainment. Unfortuitously, one later, precisely in April 2017, Jinwoon and Yeeun were confirmed to have broken up year.

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Baekhyun & Taeyeon

The partnership between Baekhyun and Taeyeon remains perhaps probably the most shocking into the reputation for the K-Pop – possibly immediately after the dating news of Kai and Jennie. Beginning with their dating pictures taken by the Dispatch circulated in the center of 2014, the gossip that the idols have been in the center of a pleasant relationship has become a discussion and trending on various regional news portals. Regarding the exact same time as the matter spread, SM Entertainment straight away confirmed that Baekhyun and Taeyeon had been dating. Regrettably, the partnership between these hoobae and sunbae only lasts for example solitary 12 months. In September 2015, the couple that is lovely verified to possess plumped for their very own means.

Hui & Soojin

Hui PENTAGON and Soojin (G) I-DLE few could be the youngest few regarding the list whose gossip about their relationship first showed up on a single month as HyunA and E’Dawn few which will be last August 2018. Regrettably, whenever their dating pictures had been released because of the news, Cube Entertainment clarified that Hui and Soojin had split up a long time before the media sniff the cupid virus between them.

E-Dawn & Hyuna

HyunA and E’Dawn both are idols under Cube Entertainment whenever their dating gossip surfaced final August. This rumor had been rejected by Cube directly on the time the news spread, but 1 day after HyunA and E’Dawn individually told the news which they have been dating for just two years. Unfortuitously, HyunA and E’Dawn’s choice to get public about their love story appeared to be compared by the agency, which means this issue resulted in Cube Entertainment choosing to kick out of the few from their label. Nevertheless, this course of action doesn’t appear to impact HyunA and E’Dawn’s motives to remain intimate into the attention regarding the public. Nonetheless the couple that is lovey-dovey doesn’t wait to show love towards one another either on social networking or in the current presence of the news.