MOBILE APP – I think the Livechat mobile app is overly basic. INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE – How often software producers ignore this? Livechat has got a clean user interface which makes it easier for new users to understand how this program works and also makes it easier for web visitors to navigate their own end the program. We use LiveChat as a communication channel between our company and clients who need to know more about our services.

AUDIO CALLS – It is gradually becoming a norm for LiveChat software to have an audio or conferencing feature. Introducing this feature on LiveChat opens LiveChat users to a new world of possibilities and a much more improved experience too. CHAT SUMMARIES – This is my most loved LiveChat feature. The daily chat summary is a screenshot sent via email to the company at the end of a working day; giving the company a quick overview of the performance of its support team for the day.

It is also a medium for our students to get quick answers to their questions, whenever they are school site. We use LiveChat to guide web visitors to our website whenever they encounter trouble either why trying to shop for products or when they need to find out more information about services offered by our firm. I don’t really see a use for tech support, more so that handing off chats or logging them in Salesforce seems cumbersome. We use LiveChat as our main chat on our Impartner website. It gives us really good insights into our website visitors and helps us catch people right when they are interested.

  • Square Home 3 is free with an optional $5 key for advanced features, options Mozilla Firefox download 64 bit Windows 7 free download, and tile effects.
  • Nova Launcher starts you off with a simple blank slate and lets you set things up in any way you want, down to the tiniest of details.
  • Sometimes, the simplest solutions can be the most effective.
  • From minimalism to maximalism, the last launcher in our list is a longtime Android power-user favorite that provides you with every option under the sun.
  • JR Raphael/IDGNova Launcher’s extensive series of options gives you an extraordinary amount of freedom to make your home screen look and work exactly how you want.

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We use LiveChat as a medium to respond to queries by our clients, customers or partners in real -time. LiveChat is used by the helpdesk team and it has helped us respond to queries from partners and clients at a faster pace than the traditional means of contact like telephone calls or even emails. The LiveChat mobile app is overly simplified and does not do much at the moment apart from serving as a means to respond to chat messages. With LiveChat, our customers are able to reach us at their convenience, and for free too. They get a faster and much more relaxed response with an agent on LiveChat, than they will probably get with a call center agent.

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The eye-chat is an editable graphic at the low lefthand side of our website, which helps ensure that web visitors are made aware of the option to chat with a rep. on the website. Livechat does a good job in the aspect of web visitor chat ratings. This Livechat feature enables web visitors to use the "Thumbs up" and "Thumbs down" icon to rate the quality of service they get from a helpdesk agent, immediately after a chat is completed.

I probably wondered why LiveChat had not yet introduced a Bot for their chat service, which would have helped businesses reduce some of the workload on agents. This they have now done around seven months ago with the launch of the LiveChat Botengine. ENGAGEMENT GRAPHICS – This is very helpful to trigger web visitors to start a chat with our support agent. An example of a LiveChat engagement graphic is the eye-catcher.